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Ancient three-stringed long-necked lute dating back to five hundred B.C. This lute acquired a special status in the 15th century, and has never been played for secular purposes since then. More Info >>
Eight-stringed Tanbur also known as Saz-e Asheghan "Instrument Of Lovers".More Info >>
Small four-stringed persian lute. The player normally plucks the strings with the nail of the index finger. The ancestry of the setar can be traced to the ancient tanbour of pre-Islamic Persia.More Info >>
(Persian plucked lute) emerged in its present form in the mid-eighteenth century. It became the chosen instrument of the great Persian classical masters. More Info >>
Persian eighth century lute, its fretless short-neck produces microtones. It has a deep earthy sound. (Claimed to be the ancestor of the Arab Oud.)More Info >>
(Large frame drum) associated with Kurdish Sufi Rituals, is used to create merriment and to stir the emotions. The thundering tones of the Daf are unsurpassed by any other king of drum. More Info >>
(Persian goblet drum) also known as Zarb. The elaborate finger technique consists of various rolling and snapping styles, which allow for a great variety of sounds. More Info >>
Dumbek, also known as Tabla or Darbuka. More Info >>
(Double-headed folk barrel drum) used most often in celebrations. Its powerful and joyful sound compels listeners to dance. More Info >>
(Persian Fiddle) is ancestor to most modern bowed instruments, whose subtle sounds imbue the music with a sense of nostalgia. More Info >>
(Persian Folk Fiddle) also known as Sorood, mostly played in south of Iran. More Info >>
(Reed Flute) The Persian style of the ney is seven-jointed, and has five finger holes in the top and one in the bottom. Its mystical sounds have healing powers. More Info >>
Sorna is defined etymologically as Sur-ney (festival flute). A type of oboe usually accompanied by the dohol which are used for folk dancing, weddings, competitions, and festivals. More Info >>
Also known as Duduk by Armenians and Mey by the Turks. More Info >>
Santoor/Santour/Santur also known as (Dulcimer).
More Info >>


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